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Our Liberty Thrift Twitter Account has reached 250 followers! We’re really excited about expanding our user base.

You may be asking…why Twitter? Here are just a couple of great reasons to follow us:

1. Twitter is a great platform for communicating with us!

We love receiving feedback from you! We’re determined to be the best thrift store we can be, so we want to hear about your experiences! Whether you found the perfect sofa to compliment your living room or you had a not so good experience, letting us know helps improve our systems! A great way to give us feedback is by tweeting at @libertythriftpa .

2. Find out the latest and greatest in regards to Liberty.

We are able to make a lot more posts in Twitter which means we may be able to go over some extra information than what our Facebook, weekly email, and sometimes even our website can give out! For example, we’re able to make posts about our ebay and craigslist listings – we try to post about one online sales listing a day. Have an idea about what kind of thing you’d like us to post? Tweet at us @libertythriftpa

3. Check out some great DIY, news, and other posts!

We have some great partners that we follow that post some pretty amazing content! We like to retweet some of the best and pass on the information to you! Here’s some examples:

Be careful if you're traveling on the turnpike near our Quakertown store… https://t.co/v4gUTcLerk

— Liberty Thrift (@LibertyThriftPA) August 4, 2015

Do you have some plastic spoons? Here a #green #idea to create a lamp! @remadeinbrit @RemadeHour @RedHareCrafts pic.twitter.com/2ady5HsAsU

— Stamperia(@Stamperia_srl) August 3, 2015

An adorable #office upgrade from @BritandCo https://t.co/dw3iuxLwtq #washitape pic.twitter.com/N6mYR0Pt5K

— The Snug (@TheSnugOnline) July 30, 2015

4. We want to highlight YOU!

If you have a DIY, inspirational, or just overall great tweet, we want to be able to pass it on. Who knows? Maybe together we can show the world what you can do!

If you have any questions about our Twitter, tweet to us at @libertythriftpa or email us at [email protected]

Have a great day!

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