Did You Know? Liberty Delivers!

There are lots of things about Liberty that you may or may not know. We want to utilize our new blog to introduce some of these things to you.

Liberty has several trucks and truck drivers working for us. Most people know that we have a FREE furniture pick-up service. (If you need to schedule a pick-up or would like to have more information, you can do so here) But many people do not know that we also have a delivery service.

When shopping at our store, you may notice that we have a large selection of furniture. The furniture we carry includes sofas, mattresses, beds, dressers, entertainment centers and more! Not everyone has access to a truck or SUV to take the furniture with them, so Liberty has decided to offer delivery as a service to these customers. We will do our absolute best to make the delivery happen either the same day or next day, but depending on the situation, we may have to schedule out a little further.

Unlike our pick-up service, there is a fee for delivery. This fee is determined by a number of factors:

1. Location – Liberty is able to deliver to many locations in the surrounding area. We have even delivered to Philadelphia in the past! The delivery fee will be adjusted based on location of delivery and where the items are being purchased. If you are purchasing items from the Collegeville store, and the items are being delivered to Pottstown, the delivery fee will be higher than if you purchased the items from the Pottstown store based on distance. If you are interested in getting a delivery of items from multiple stores, please speak to a store manager.

2. Which floor? – Liberty prefers everything to be delivered on the first floor. However, we understand that it is not possible for everyone (apartments, etc). Liberty is able to deliver to a second floor or a basement, but there will be an extra cost. If you are not able to transport the items but are able to get them to the second floor, it may save you some money to request a first floor delivery and take care of the items yourself from there. Also, some items are ineligible for second floor/basement deliveries. We are only able to send two men on our deliveries, so items with extreme weight are ineligible. These items include pianos, other particularly heavy items, and items that cannot be gotten into the building by normal means, such as items that must go through a window instead of a door. Liberty will not be able to deliver under these circumstances, so please make sure you measure your opening prior to delivery.

3. The items themselves – The fee for delivery may be increased depending on the number of items you are having delivered. For example, having six pieces delivered could have a higher fee than having one item delivered. Also, if you are having a particularly heavy item delivered, such as a piano, there may be an extra cost.

We hope that our delivery service makes it easier for you to shop at our stores. If you have any further questions about deliveries, please let us know in the comments below or email [email protected]

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  1. Theresa Leitold on August 15, 2016 at 1:21 pm

    I had a bedroom set delivered to my address and the men that came were exceptionally courteous. I don’t know your names but I wanted to speak of you and let you know that I appreciated that. The consideration was upstanding.

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